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Children enjoy coming to our after-school care (BSO). Your child can always count on our permanent and trusted employees. Because every child needs a safe base from which he or she can explore. We ensure a good balance between free play and crazy activities in which children experience new things and discover their talents.

Our employees drop off and pick up the children from school or we provide childcare in the school building. We work together with almost all schools in The Hague, Monster and Naaldwijk.

Surfing in after-school care

We offer after-school care (BSO):

  • After school (after-school care / NSO)
  • Before school (pre-school care / VSO)
  • During holidays (holiday care)

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BSO tailored to development needs

In after-school care we adapt to the age of your child, both in the way we provide guidance and in the activities we offer. A 4-year-old has very different wishes and needs than an 8 or 10 year old child. Our offering grows with the development of your child. In our childcare we pay close attention to the growing need for independence.

In addition, social interaction plays a major role here. For example, by undertaking activities together, children learn to work well together. Our pedagogical staff are specially trained to guide children in their development.

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Extensive range of activities

Every week we make a choice with the children from an extensive range of activities from our KICKS department. There is plenty to discover in the field of music, dance, art, nature, sports, technology and much more! At Childcare 2Samen your child will experience wonderful (afternoon) days full of challenging games, workshops, holiday programs such as survival days and even a summer camp. This way we offer sufficient challenge for every age. These activities are included in our rates, so you don't pay anything extra for them. For an impression, see KICKS.

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After school care

At age

In after-school care, we usually divide children into a group of younger children (4 to 8 years) and one of older children (8 years and older). This way we can meet their needs as best as possible.

Lots of outside

We also encourage playing outside together. Where possible, we create natural gardens or playgrounds with natural elements. We also go out regularly. For example, to the forest, beach or museum.

Own choices

After a long school day, we think it is important that children can relax and make their own choices. We see after-school care time primarily as free time. Just read a book quietly or play a game, it's all possible.

Well-trained employees

Our after-school care staff receive special training to guide the development of children as best as possible. We also employ educationalists and pedagogical coaches who provide extra support if necessary.


We provide preschool care for more and more schools. A solution when you have to deal with early working hours or heavy traffic. We offer a quiet start to the busy school day.

Get to school safely and on time

The before-school care is open from 07.30:XNUMX am. Children can start quietly, have a drink and play together. Our pedagogical staff take the children to school.

Extra early opening hours

More and more locations are offering extended opening hours. This means that they open earlier and/or close later. You can read more about this on the specific center pages.

holiday care

Holiday days are longer than normal childcare afternoons and therefore offer even more options for a child beautiful time. For example, 2Samen offers a summer camp and lots of great activities KICKS. We also go on fun trips.

Would you like to meet our after-school care without obligation?

Of course you want to see with your own eyes how and where your child will experience all kinds of big and small adventures. We find it very important to get to know the employees in detail and experience the atmosphere. Choosing childcare is largely about feeling good. You are very welcome!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is my child automatically registered for BSO if he/she already goes to daycare?

    No. A separate registration is required for out-of-school care.

  • How are you getting used to the BSO?

    The need for adjustment of children aged 4 to 13 varies widely. Young children may need to get used to it together with their parent, while older children may not like that at all. We always discuss this with you and your child.

    You can read more information about getting used to after-school care (BSO) in our brochure 'Getting used to it, the first step to the childcare center'.

  • How does after-school care (BSO) work during the holidays?

    During the school holidays we work with a fixed daily programme. The broad outlines are there, but we determine the content together with the children.

    Who knows better what they like to do than the children themselves? This is also a fun learning process for the children: preparation involves working together, taking each other into account and coordinating.

    During holidays there is more time for fun activities, workshops and even camps.

Frequently Asked Questions

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