2Samen app

A useful app that allows you to follow your child’s adventures at 2Samen!

2Samen app

With the 2Samen app, you'll be able to follow your child(ren)'s adventures at 2Samen throughout the day. You can view pictures and messages in the app on your smartphone, tablet, or through the parent portal on your computer. This way, you'll be even more involved with what your child experiences at 2Samen. The app also allows you to quickly and easily send a message to your child's group. Of course the app doesn't replace our personal and face-to-face communication. That will always remain the most important form of contact.
Benefits of the app

Benefits of the app

  • Informed, wherever you are!
  • Follow your child’s progress in a digital notebook
  • Immediately receive pictures of your child
  • Send and receive messages about your child
  • Read your centre’s latest news
  • Request extra days, notify us of illness or let us know about upcoming holidays

Downloading the 2Samen app

You can download the 2Samen app in the app store (Apple) or the Google Play Store (Android). It is called ‘OuderApp van Konnect’ (the domain is 2samen).


When you log in for the first time, you’ll need your account number and your password for the 2Samen parent portal. Do you not have a password? Click on the link for ‘Forgot my password’. You’ll then receive an email at the address known to us. In it, you’ll find a link to set up a new password.

Unfortunately, Windows phone users can not yet use our app. If you have a Windows phone, you can go to our parent portal by using a computer or laptop and browsing to 2samen.ouderportaal.nl. Of course, that is also possible for parents that do not have a smartphone or tablet.

Automatically informed

Don’t miss any updates and automatically stay informed by notificaties ouderapp blijf op de hoogteusing push messages on your

phone. During the day, you’ll automatically receive notifications when something new happens with your child(ren) at childcare. It’s very easy!

Which notifications you receive exactly, can be changed per subject. In order to change your personal settings, you go to ‘Mijn gegevens’ (My information). You then choose the little cog in the bar at the bottom to go to settings. There, you can turn push and e-mail notifications on or off per subject.


The 2Samen app runs in a highly secure environment. Below you can find a certificate stating this fact (in Dutch). The app does not only adhere to all legal requirements, but also to our own strict security demands.

Useful tips and questions

Useful tips

  • Are you having trouble downloading pictures from the app? That is probably due to the settings on your phone. Please make sure you allow access to mobile data in your settings.
  • During the day, the staff will read your messages and answer them if possible. Caring for the children always has priority, above answering messages! This functionality, therefore, is only meant for messages with a low priority. For urgent and important messages, please contact the centre by phone.
  • Some parents are wondering what the difference is between the messages underneath ‘berichten’ (messages) and in the notebook. Those underneath berichten have a practical nature. In the notebook, there is an option to save them. You can download this as a nice and tangible memory of your child’s time at 2Samen!
  • The pictures in the photo album are ‘tagged’. That means that they have labels. Labels show you which children and/or staff are on the picture and what the activity is. If you’d prefer to look at the pictures without tags, you can click on ‘details’ at the bottom right, and the tags will disappear.
  • Generally, you only receive pictures that include your own child(ren) (group pictures of course include multiple children). Children that do not have permission to be in pictures, are marked in the system. Their pictures are automatically blocked.
  • If you’re not interested in receiving messages about and pictures of your child(ren), you can still use the app to notify us of holidays, illness and requesting extra days or trading days. Of course, you can choose to use the app only for these functionalities.
  • In the app, you can continue to the parent portal
  • (2samen.ouderportaal.nl). Within the portal, you’ll find additional information such as invoices/yearly overviews, newsletters and information about the staff, our closing days and the parent committee.
  • If you use a private computer, you can save the login details. This means you don’t have to log into the parent portal each time you want to visit it.


Do you have questions or notes about the app? You’re always welcome to contact the Unit Manager, Location Coordinator or staff at your childcare centre.